Air Service

We fly exclusively with Ignace Airways located in Ignace Ontario 50 miles Southwest of Moose Point.



Ignace Airways:  807-934-2273   166 lakeshore drive, Ignace ON

Motel bait shops and other numbers:

Dryden Riverview Lodge 807-223-4320
Best Western 807-223-3201
Holiday Inn Express 807-223-5210

Clarks Bait and Tackle 807-223-5210
QSL 807-223-5050

Dryden Beer Store 807-223-2263
Dryden LCBO 807-223-4029
Dryden Safeway 807-223-3276

Ignace White Otter Inn 807-934-6322
Lone Pine Inn 807-934-2239
Northwoods Motor Inn 807-934-2296

K and S Bait and Tackle 807-934-4665
Vernes Minnows 807-934-2254

Ignace LCBO 807-934-2876
Shoprite Fine Foods 807-934-2462