Light Housekeeping Package
Includes: airfare, fully equipped housekeeping cabin with indoor toilets and shower, all amenities of the lodge, boats, motors, gas, and boat equipment.
5 days..........................$1,700 each
Extra day.......................$125.00 each

Outpost Package
Includes: airfare, fully equipped modern cabins with indoor shower and hot water, sleeping bags with liners, boats, motors, gas, life jackets, minnow buckets, and maps.
5 days.........................$1,600.00 each
Extra days....................$100.00 each

call about pricing and

All prices quoted in U.S. funds
Rates subject to change without notice

Extra costs accrued on the trip are: Harmonized Sales Tax ( 13% HST), tips, beer, bait, tackle, fishing licenses, and miscellaneous purchases made at the lodge.

Moose Point Lodge and Outposts enforce a catch and release program. Fish may be consumed while at Moose Point but none may be taken home. Possession limits are per license, size limits are Walleye under 18" and Northern under 27" may be kept for eating on your trip, all Smallmouth should be returned.

Unguided guests are responsible for damaged outboard motors. A $75 fee for props and $500 or more for lower units may be assesed. For $20 we are offering an insurance program covering props. Lower units are also covered, however their is a $100 deductible. Everyone in the party must take insurance to be covered.

Please travel as light as possible. We allow 100 pounds per person for light housekeeping and outpost trips. We reserve the right to charge $1.00 per pound of excess baggage. Excess baggage will come in when room on airplanes is available.

We require a $500 deposit to confirm reservations. In the event of a cancellation the deposit will be applied to the rest of the party. If the whole party cancels we will not refund the deposit. Personal checks are fine for deposits, final payment should be made in cash, or cashiers check unless other arrangements have been made. Moose Point does not accept credit cards.

Please visit our website at www.moosepointlodge.com email moosepoint97@gmail.com. We can be reached year around at 414-659-2805.